2 Chics Wit A Mic - The Introduction

Updated: Apr 4, 2020


Nadia Moseley better known as TalkNadia

“Do you believe a man should sleep with as many woman as he can afford? ...because I do." - Nadia Moseley

2 Chics Wit A Mic Podcast

Hey there, its Nadia Moseley with seasonal co-host Leelo Morris. The objective? For Nadia to partner up with other women similar to her with two very different perspectives discussing worldly topics. I, Nadia, want to make the listeners think, laugh, feel, share and be involved with the 2 Chics Wit A Mic movement. Nadia always says, "Im going to change the way the world thinks." She just might do it. 2 Chics Wit A Mic will touch on relationships, social standards, food, politics, spirituality, sex and so much more. We might even get a little personal and bring a few famous people on the show.

I think the first show went great with Will Gittens and Quavelin Walton. We are vulgar, yes, but we covered so many things when discussing dating in 2019. I definitely think we were entertaining, witty, and (between all four of us) we covered the age and relationship status demographic. Its so crazy!

...And this is only the beginning. Thats the great part! The next shows, knowing Nadi, its going to be just as crazy if not better. Nadia has big plans for 2 Chics Wit A Mic. We definitely plan on shooting these podcast in different locations and venues all over the United States. I'm already working on merchandise and other hosting opportunities. But thats just the business side. We also discuss how these topics and our discussions might influence someone in a positive way. I think we discuss that more, wondering how I can spark the minds of our listeners. I know I'm beautiful with a great body and great taste level but I want the way I think and the things that I say to shine and ignite a 2 Chics Wit A Mic movement.

Keep in touch with us and suggest topics. email us at 2ChicsWitAMic@gmail.com I'm working very hard to produce an amazing podcast series. Its streaming on Apple Podcast, podbeam.com and Youtube. Make sure to follow on social media. You can find the podcast on IG @2ChicsWitAMic and like the FB page 2ChicsWitAMic ....leave comments and discuss things with us. Feel free to ask us questions and tell a friend - spread the word if you agree or disagree. 2 Chics Wit A Mic wants to know ;-) :-)

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