Episode Two! 2 Chics Wit A Mic Discuss Mental Illness...

The holiday blues are so relevant this time of year. Some ppl can't get over past traumas, broken relationships and redirected funds. This time of year we are reminded that "its the most wonderful time of the year" and we are supposed to be happy. But, what if you're not happy and

suffer from anxiety. What happens when you think of ppl places and things that depress you? How do you cope?

On episode two of 2 Chics Wit A Mic we talk to world traveler Shaad Boston and Dr. Chalon Ervin about depression, anxiety and the holiday blues. Shaad discusses his past traumas in L.A. and the things that caused his depression with co-host Leelo. Leelo, in return, revealed her personal stories. co-host Nadia took a trip to Seattle to finish the podcast with Dr. Chalon Ervin. Listen to the end so you can hear Dr. Ervin's tips on how to cope, feeling through your emotions and we discuss different forms of toxicity.

This podcast is a little under an hour and its very informative. 2 Chics Wit A Mic break down hormones and how that effects your emotions. Episode two discusses feelings, different types of depressions, coping tools, social media anxiety, projecting positive and negative energy, generational curses, isolation, holiday blues, acceptance, the benefits of counseling/therapy, failure, medications, toxic positivity, and much much more!

Visit DrChalon.com to get more information about therapy and coping with negative emotions. IF you are anyone you know is suffering from depression and its becoming life threatening pls call 911!

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