It was such a pleasure having attorney J. Carter, Esq on the podcast kicking off season two of 2 Chics Wit A Mic. I had to talk to her about copyrights and trademarking. Having a business partner up and quit and take my ideas, I had to ask for legal advice. Listen to the last show where I explain my position with this entire situation with this link .

If you notice, after quitting the podcast she bought a DSLR camera and started an online boutique where she's doing the same thing as me. In art, I know nothing is original but my ex co-host has an identity issue. She copies my hairstyles, my business model, my artistic landscape, everything. where was this energy when we were working together? like I stated on the last episode, she followed me on IG for almost 2 years watching my life and then slid in my DM. This is stalker behavior, and I am not flattered....period!

But, insecure people who are not enterprising are like this, I should have known better. I am more mad at myself for not seeing her disloyalty from the jump. Good for her, she's not a complete psycho taking my exact boutique name or I would of sued the shit out of her. Its completely legal for her to sell all Black items along with nude items while i sell ALL BLAKC SPECIALTY ITEMS on ALLBLAKC.COM . and knowing her, she's going to fall off because deep down she's just a thot that slangs tickets at Delta. She's not even good enough to be a flight attendant.

You may see her shooting some celebrity but just know, she's probably not getting paid (just suck'n dick and getting fucked for free like a groupie like Brandy - she just wanna be down) and she's probably shooting in automatic and editing her pictures in Facetune. I know she does not know how to use Photoshop or Lightroom. She's probably using Fiver lol not learning the craft herself but letting others do her work for her. She is a cat fish through and through. Think about it, you've NEVER seen her real hair. smh....anyways, I digress. The energy, I have, needs to go into the podcast that we started. I love you guys and would never want to quite what we've started.

Being loyal to the listeners is my number one priority. 2 Chics Wit A Mic is real and raw and we discuss uncomfortable situations. the idea is to change the way the world thinks. It has only been one year and this podcast has done some great things. There are a lot of things that need to get done and a lot of things that need to be accomplished but i am happy the viewers get to come along for the ride.

On episode 2, J. Carter, Esq. and I discuss Megan thee Stallion copying other designers for her Fashion Nova line... something about those aquarian bitches smh ...integrity in the work force still means something. Which is why, the people who actually work hard for this art life really get upset when common, drunk, thots come along and just take concepts and ideas and pass them off as their's with arrogance. At least pay homage....back in the day, being a

"swagger jacker' was whack and you'd get canceled for that shit. But, Look at Megan thee Stallion living her best life. Times have changed and ppl accept sucka shit. Hop on the IG and watch the full IGvideo about this "Hot Topic."

Now, one "Thot" thats doing her thing is Blac Chyna. The Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's case was discussed as well. This taurus queen would NEVAAAA... Blac Chyna knows how to set the trends and knows how to get a coin. J. Carter, Esq. did question if she fumbled the bag by not marrying Rob but idk. What do you think? Yes, she was dating Rob publicly and had the baby but idk if she was into the relationship like that. We all thought she was dating Rob to get back at Kylie. Chyna got Rob sprung, had the baby and was out.

Chyna did get the name "Angela Kardashian" trademarked so she knew the value of the marriage. Attorney J. Carter, Esq. suggested Chyna should of played nice and married Rob for at least a year. Then Chyna would of been a Kardashian (the real petty queen would of

been in full effect) until death or remarriage. Its no secrete that the Kardashian clan did NOT like her and in the end they sabotaged her dealings with the E Network (allegedly). If Rob and Chyna had of gotten married, as much money Chyna makes she might of had to pay Rob. We all know, Rob does not make as much money as his sisters and divorcing in L.A. is no JOKE !! Whomever makes the most money pays. Listen to the latest episode Hot Topics - special guest J. Carter, Esq. breaks down the dealings of the confusing legal battle.

...and speaking of divorce in L.A. Dr. Dre and his Wife are going through it. I know a lot of men wont agree with this but I'm happy she asked for1.2 Million a month. I knew she wasn't going to get it and she probably didn't deserve it but the mere fact that she had the nerve got me. lol SHE TRIED IT lol And, that allowed us to count Dre's pockets...I mean, if she asked for that much YOU KNOW HES A REAL BILLIONAIRE ...whoooo chile. Beats by Dre for real.

Dr. Dre has never been "innocent" and was probably abusing his current wife, like he did his exes (allegedly) ...The wife wants to subpoena the side chics and Dre wants to bring in the wedding party and guest...smh. Dr. Dre, if you want ppl to lie for you, just say that. And the wife thinks his side chics are going to speak up on her behalf but I don't see those women fumbling their bag for the greater good of "Girl Power" ...They both need to let that go and get divorced better than this. They are both losing a lot of money and time fighting. The divorce lawyers aren't complaining tho lol

The rest of the show we talked about Vanessa Bryant and her mommy issues...HER MOMMA DEAD WRONG..Colby and GiGi isn't even cold in the ground and the mother is trying this BS. We talked about Lil Wayne and his many cases... Do you guys think Lil Wayne will get 10 years...he did plead guilty...Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

If you haven't seen the full episode it available on Youtube. Subscribe to the 2 Chics Wit A Mic Youtube channel so you can see all of the latest sexy content.

Thank you for chirp chirping...listen to the podcast on all major platforms or

BIG CHANGES ARE COMING. Catch up and listen to old episodes and be on the lookout for the next show. We have Holly Luciano up next. Its going to be great - we are prank calling ppl in the music industry. ITS FUNNY!!

Nadia Moseley,

2 Chics Wit A Mic

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