Let That Man “Cheat”:

Disclaimer: Before you read this article please understand that the average person will reject my concepts. When reading this do not think of the man that abuses his authority because he is the breadwinner or do not think of the woman that hasn’t figured out how to maintain a healthy high self esteem. I wouldn’t reference that one relationship that didn’t work out because you guys were not compatible and probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. For the individuals who patronize toxic behavior you must seek help and apply your therapy before finding truth behind this article. The average man will identify with this piece and agree with this point of view. Until a woman is whole and until a woman has trained her mind to not let toxic emotion and thoughts lead her vibration she may NEVER identify with this article.  And, until a man is lead by true love, mental maturity and has the right intentions they will always meet women unworthy of this lifestyle. Polygamy has been a concept on earth much longer then monogamy. If one wants to think that infidelity is animalistic I say, “Well, we are mammals.” We all have free will so no man is obligated to sleep with numerous woman however lets take a step back from what we are taught as “Americans.”

Ladies, Ladies Ladies… let that man “cheat”, No seriously, let him do what he wants. You know that saying, “ Let people do what they want and you’ll see where they want to be.” (Or something like that) well, that logic applies to your relationship too. If you know what your man truly wants (on all aspects of his life) you will understand how to serve him. Also, if you understand that men truly think differently then us you wont have so much anxiety behind his actions. Men love the chase more then the actually act of sex itself - sometimes. The fantasy is more thrilling, him watching porn, the “sport fucking” as some men like to call it. I know this concept may seem far fetched because society has taught us this standard of commitment and what it should be, I know some religions have created this blueprint, faithfulness, till death do us part stuff. I know some woman get hurt when the man they “love” is interested in someone else.  I understand being lied to is devastating, but have you ever considered that the way you’ve been trained to view love and relationships, is in fact, socially awkward. Some look at their significant other as property when in fact love is freedom – not ownership.Furthermore, if one can be honest with their intentions is it considered “cheating”? In most cases, one must unlearn what they have been taught to find the truth. If woman can discuss, freely with their significant other, their man’s desires that can be seen as a bonding experience for the both of them. So I say let that man “cheat” or as I like to say, “LIVE HIS LIFE”. Now, I’m not going to get scientificon you, just yet, regarding the human form because I don’twant to go there. However I will dissects the commonrelationship that I am sure you all can relate to. When your man looks at another woman do you feel jealous, insecure, hateful…? Well if you do, just know, that is your problem ladies – not his so don’t make it his problem and become spiteful. I say throw your ego out the window and don’t look at your man wanting another as rejection. Understand that you are perfectly imperfect and you are special in your own right so own it! Any type of negative toxic emotion shouldn’t be projected on to your partner or anyone else for that matter (including the other woman). Your feelings are just that – YOURS! The average man is attracted to most women. The same man that likes an urban petite woman with small breast could easily be attracted to a Becky with blond hair and blue eyes and big boobs. A man’s man just loves woman. And I believe men are put on this earth to do three things – Fuck, make money (provide) and protect. A healthy man can have children until death. That means a man could live to be 90 years old and still in pregnant a woman…. and before anyone tries to reject this notion, understand that the main reason for sex is to ejaculate in the woman and we all know what happens when theirs no man made contraceptives stopping the flow of nature. Because woman can’t have children till death that doesn’t mean you stop the man from being fruitful and multiplying. A man should be able to be with as many women as he can afford. As a woman, you shouldn’t hate that. Love is love even if he loves someone else. One should never be offended when someone receives love or gives love under every circumstance. A man can be committed to you and your needs and still be with other women. Think about it logically. If your man gives you everything you’ve ever asked – he’s an amazing provider, caring, attentive, good in bed sexually, bought the home(s), car(s), other materialistic thing, romantic and you have no complaints why cant he sleep with whomever he wants. A secure woman with her own purpose and a high self-esteem wouldn’t be worried about losing her man. When a man chooses you to be his wife you must honor that and understand he’s not leaving you unless you give him a reason. So don’t give him a reason. Don’t nag; don’t be insecure and extra needy. Go find an extra hobby, side hustle, truly focus on your home/work so you’re not so concentrated on your man. An idle mind needs to find productive purpose and don’t forget, never let your man leave the house horny and hungry. And last but not least, a dick suck a day keeps the hoes away. If you stick to this formula your man will be toobusy and tired to be with anyone else but if he just so happens to sleep with someone else its not a reflection of you – he’s just being a man.

Nadia 🎤👯‍♀️🎤

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