Mental Health and the Holidays

The Holidays are right around the corner and people suffer from "The Holiday Blues." Not everyone, but for the many people that experience depression or loneliness around the holidays, the second episode of 2 Chics Wit A Mic touches on tips on how to vibrate higher, kicking anxiety and coping with loved ones....

Holiday Depression: How to Beat the Holiday Blues

"Maybe Christmas Doesn't Come From the Store. Maybe Christmas, Perhaps, Means A Little Bit More."

-The Grinch

Love Leelo Baby and TalkNadia Talk Mental Health and the Holiday Blues...

Bellow are a few tips on how to keep your sanity for the holidays

...The Holidays are right around the corner and people suffer from "The Holiday Blues." Not everyone, but for the many people that experience depression or loneliness around the holiday, the second episode of 2 Chics Wit A Mic touches on tips on how to vibrate higher, kicking anxiety and coping with loved ones. Loneliness, Loss, Anxiety, Financial Pressures, Missing Holidays Past...We all suffer from something but the holidays can remind us of our reality in a very direct way and that can be depressing to some people. No one is exempt from life but some people take life harder then others. Holiday Depression is a real epidemic hitting homes all over the US. Luckily, we are in an informational era so people can now google tips on how to stay happy. We can google self help books and podcast and inspirational articles. With all the content available, whats the best article, book, podcast, whats the best way to deal with the holiday blues?

Tip 1.


listening and watching things that are familiar can give you a sense of security but sometimes that particular news station, song or movie can bring back memories of a person, a past time or a feeling that isn't healthy. Its best to face problems head on but its not ok to keep playing the same sad marathon over and over in your head . Its ok to cry about a person or situation if its relevant - process and don't project but do not spend extra energy on a person or a situation you can't control. making a conscious decision to wallow in sadness with music or that movie playing in the background will only send more low vibrations out there into the universe. Its counter productive and the point is to attract high vibrational moments. The News can also be a Debbie Downer so be careful when listening to depressing violent news stories. To Shift your energy don't be afraid to be corny and goofy. have the courage to let your hair down. watch musicals and holiday specials, cartoons and comedy shows. listen to cheerful tunes and set the tone with uplifting holiday music.

Tip 2.


In the United States, we put so much pressure on ourselves to have the latest materialistic nick-nack but is that what the holidays are about? If you can't gift your daughter her favorite doll does that make you a bad parent? If you don't have the money to buy a huge turkey to host thanksgiving does that make you a bad person? NO! Money and materialistic things are just energy and bad vibes scares the abundance away....and I know this sounds cliché but appreciation is the first step to receive more. For whatever reason, this is the season of your life. In this season, if your finances are running low, redirect your energy by practicing appreciation. understanding that everything is seasonal and hard times don't last. enjoy the luxuries you have and be proud of yourself for the things that you can give. the mere fact that you wanted to gift someone, love someone or be a host is just as special. Its the thought that counts and the holidays are about love - not worry, doubt and anxiety. Be gentle with others and yourself. When it comes to your loved ones, they will understand. People are more understanding then you think and kids are very forgiving and adventures. Be creative and give out a few DIY gifts. Give ppl a heads up on what to expect, under promise and over deliver. And another thing, don't let ppl guilt trip you - YOU DONT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING (even your kids). The holidays should be about fun!

Tip 3.


OMG, its over, let it go! like we discussed in tip one, dwelling on old situations doesn't behove you. stop talking about it and replaying the situation over and over in your head. Stop blaming yourself or others for situations. Even if you're dealing with a current issue, wait until the right time to mediate your issues. Arguing over a thanksgiving plate around the kids is not appropriate. Having a bad attitude can block your blessings...and the holidays is supposed to be a blessed time. Don't be a Grinch, Don't be a Debbie Downer and be upbeat. Who has time for all that negativity? Life's too short!

This is just one resource. Pls contact 911 if you plan on harming yourself or others because that type of behavior is not cool! After reading this, Pls understand that the holidays are just one day out of the year, every year. Yes, the act of celebrating a holiday is a bit redundant. Yet, I think we are programed this way to maintain joy in our spirits - not the other way around. The objective of celebrating anything is to experience joy, love and laughter. If we truly took advantages of the holidays, we'd see that periodically society reminds us of our blessings, bonding and food traditions. We have the chance to experience amazing ambiance and decor. We get a chance to get creative with love ones making popcorn ornaments and that one casserole from aunties recipe book. We can pass on traditions and stories from one generation to the next. Even if you are experiencing the holidays alone, the way the US is set up, someone will welcome you somewhere if you're not an asshole. Sos, Enjoy the holidays! Eat well and cheer up! If you want to have a good holiday - Be a good holiday :-)

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