QUARANTINE & CHILLS...LIKE A MOTHAFUCKA!!! ...It's a lot going on...

Updated: May 26, 2020

Its a lot going on with constant talk of Covid-19. (...and who else is constantly thinking about sex? anyways) Its all over the news, social media, social distancing, no toilet paper, Trump telling people to drink bleach, traffic signals flashing "Wash Your Hands" every few miles down the freeway, everybody and they momma selling masks (SHOP ALLBLAKC.COM), your friends talking about it, the meat industry effected, personal family members effected, people are finally getting to know their neighborhood because everyone is jogging and walking dogs and standing outside, jobs lost, Tax Day extended, those that are working is getting time and a half, the World has shut down, hard plastic barriers between you and your cashier and those markers on the ground instructing Ppl to stand six feet away from your neighbor in line, Trump Checks...ITS A LOT GOING ONNNN!!!!

NOT TO MENTION, THE CONSTANT FEELING OF PARANOIA AND "FUCK IT" ...AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! ...UGH lol feeling like the only time its safe to breath is in sunlight.

Me: *go outside to get an essential item(s), without my mask on*

Me: *breaths in sunlight ONLY!!*

...People want to breath deep when shopping, not pass out by the produce section... "Kroger air" Is tainted. Walmart's air is definitely tainted. (just jokes lol) ...But seriously, who else is feeling dead ass immune (like Scarface). Feeling straight savage, before going somewhere? Then Super OCD in public?... SMH! Its a real thing. Thank GOD I haven't been sick and I eat healthy! #FoodByNadiaM

When outside, we recommend the gloves and masks

...But, sometimes....

...you gotta shake yo ass in a room full of baddies for Boosie and wearing a mask doesn't fit with the vibe. lol We suck at social distancing...lol

The hospital in Seattle...

If you are an asymptomatic person with the coronavirus, unless you're dying they won't test you. Nadi literally left not knowing. The hospital wouldn't test her because they said she was too healthy. Well... lol her insurance is paying almost $300.00 for her to not get tested and not know.

Luckily, she takes care of sick family. They frequent the doctor so much, when they were tested (so many times), their results came back negative, so that gives her some reassurance that its ok. Too bad she couldn't just get tested by the hospital in Washington State.

...Being quarantined in Seattle is different then being quarantined in Atlanta.

The weather, for one, and the vibe is more cautious for two. This down-south weather is thicker then Seattle's crisp air. Then, when people walk passed you, in Seattle, they really step away and give you 6 feet. Here in GA, people are just walking right by you with a whiff of their coronavirus slapping you in the face ...lol.

Seattle was the first hot spot for the coronavirus, and we heard they were opening up establishments in Seattle soon. They better watch out for those killer bees...

UGH BYE!!! lol

Seattle is trying...Don't know if its in other cities, but Seattle's Costco and Whole Foods have mask available for their patrons (so boujee). That should be interesting if they make it mandatory for all customers. When the lockdown first happened ppl panicked stealing from the stores, buying up everything...look at this guy at Safeway trying to steal food. He was the third guy that day caught within an hours time ...

The NorthWest is a vibe. Seattle is 420 friendly. I still wouldn't pass my blunt to anyone. This is still the season of, "Have Your Own Smoke." Seattle Traffic wasn't so bad, the city really shut down. I know a few people who work at amazon and they were told to stay home back in Feb/Early March.

HOWEVER, back in Atl...went to the beauty supply store and walked over medical mask and latex gloves in the store's parking lot!!! ;-(

not cool...polution is down since we've been ordered to stay home, sooooooo lets not liter....

Any ways, the way Atlanta opened up reminds me of how America can work. The big White Governor told Aunty Keishia, "WE OPEN!" and now certain places can patronize customers. People question the Govenors decisions saying that its too soon to be outside, the only establishments that are open are the places that cater to black people, and a lot of people of GA are questioning his intentions.

At least you can get tested in GA though...Don't know if there is trouble testing in blue states because of President Trump denying certain things or what but all you have to do in Atlanta Is make an appointment and get testing with results same day. Do you think democratic states are being treated differently then republican states?

🦠🔬OOOH AND WE HAVE AN UPDATE📍🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 So, quick story, Nadi flies in to ATL on the 8th and someone in her family gets tested for the corona virus on the 11th at Ga. Tech. The test comes back negative. The family is relieved but still very confused. You see? The family member had shown all signs of the virus, all of them! ... so as time goes on this family member continues to go to the doctor because they still aren’t feeling normal. They take this test to see if the antibodies are in their blood - or something like that. They now have a test to test if you had it ... 🤷🏽‍♀️ that came back positive. SOOOO, ALL THIS TIME THEY HAD THE CORONA VIRUS AND HAD A FALSE RESULT 🥴🤒 ... any way! I find that interesting. It’s hard to trust the numbers and data because of false readings. Who knows if the cases are declining or not .....

Everybody is questioning everything and everyone. More light shines on police brutality. Conspiracy theorist have sprung into action with some shit...5G toweres, at home FAKE test kits...check out this video mashup featuring #CardiB #BillGates #DrTynaMoore #TheDailyShow #TheBreakfastClub #DrFauci #DonaldTrump #DrOz discussing the #coronaVirus...

...Youtube and IG live has been holding it down. Who else has finished all of pornhub, xvideos and xhamster? Netflix has been coming through with the docuseries and comedies. Torey Lanelz's Quarantine Radio had me highly entertained! THESE HOES WAS POURING MILK ON THEY ASS!!!!! Boosie's Lives are always super live!!! I defiantly got that song "Put Ya Pussy Lips On Live" ...and then we have the fun IG lives from Kelly Roland talking about sex or the influencers talking about heir products.

More people are dancing on TikTok, every celeb has a challenge. Its a whole vibe...Workout with some fitness guru on IG live, take a seminar with your favorite wardrobe stylist or photographer, watch another dance video. Did you know that everyone was a talk sow host? ...lol

Instagram has bombarded us with IG LIVE ...EVERYONE IS ON LIVE!!!! is it better then cable? We can't go to the club right now so the DJ's are turning up but EVERY dj is turning up. Every sexy bitch is bouncing her ass saying, "Click the link". Should We get an OnlyFans? Everybody a comedian (TIKTOK IS TURNING PPL INTO ....nevermind lol). Everybody educated on the virus with the right meal plan and herbs...EVERYBODY!!!!! lol

The Verzuz battles are super dope. The T-Pain and lil John; the Sean garret and Neo but that baby face and teddy Riley was epic! Not only was the music a vibe, the build up to the actual live will forever be priceless...all the memes that came from teddy Riley's first attempt is defiantly one for the record books and it definitely set us up for Erykah Badu and Jill Scott's battle.


Then we have all these deaths.... click the link above. So many people died while we've been in quarantine and its kinda eye opening. The universe is self healing. Is this the sign of the times where God is taking his people home or is the universe cleaning out all the evil in the world? A lot of pregnancies too... and is it true these new babies are getting sick with the virus? It's a lot going on...fear, earthquakes, flooding, droughts, famine, disease, deaths....smh

Well, we aint got nothing else to do, we stuck in the house so improve yourself. READ A BOOK! LEARN A NEW CRAFT! START THAT BUSINESS OR SIDE HUSTLE....LOL change your habits, cry, purge, heal, forgive, write, work, gain hope...do something positive to improve our way of being. NOW IS THE TIME!! ...Perfect your look, mend relationships, cut off relationships, walking out of this quarantine you should be a better person with a smaller waist and better eating habits (your pussy and dick should taste so good). Clearly, we all needed this break. Mother Nature needs this break! Lets take full advantage.

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