REST IN PEACE BLACK MAMBA ❤️🙏🏾🏀🐍 "The length, the snake, the bite, the strike, the temperament..

"The length, the snake, the bite, the strike, the temperament," Bryant said during the interview with Kent at the Washington Post. "'Let me look this s--- up.' I looked it up — yeah, that's me. That's me!'"

~Kobe Bryant

...The world is still mourning the tragic death of 9 people in a fatal helicopter crash, basketball sensation Kobe Bryant and his baby girl GiGi was aboard the aircraft on Jan 26, 2020. Their were three children and six adults that did not survive the crash. The death of an adult is one thing but the death of a child is another.

I don’t have children {Lee Lee}, just a niece and two nephews and this hurt me so so bad. I went online and couldn’t help but cry real tears every time I saw a post of him, his baby girl Gi Gi and the seven other victims. It has been an outpour of friends and loved ones expressing how much of a family man Kobe Bryant was and it was so apparent. The reason he started flying helicopters in LA, in the first place, is because he wanted to maximize as much time with his family as he could.

He was a family man but it was very obvious. Beyond that, he was the man of the people. An NBA legend, 2x Scoring Champ, 5x NBA Champ,15x All-NBA,12x All-Defensive,1996-97 All-Rookie, 4x AS MVP, 2x Finals MVP, 2007-08 MVP, Both Numbers 8 & 24 Retired with the LA Lakers, A 20 YEAR CAREER IN THE NBA, Academy Award Winner, Husband, Father, Coach, Friend....he scored 80 points in one game! His last game, 60 POINTS!!! Life after the NBA was so promising!!!!

SO I ASK, HAS SOCIAL MEDIA MADE US TOO INSENSITIVE TO DEATH? ....because nine people died on that helicopter. Do you believe Kobe and Gi Gi Bryant are receiving more coverage because they are famous and wealthy? Yes, Kobe was super human and Gi Gi had so much promise but so did the other people on the aircraft. Are the 7 other people on the helicopter an after thought?

and most of the time, I’m not one to really read into internet trolls or clout chasers but i just couldn’t help to notice how some people were making very insensitive jokes/comments and writing articles about his infidelity! Some people were commenting on other's post saying, “ didn’t know him personally."

Why do we have to be so nonchalant about death? Why do we have to have so many conspiracies? Why are so many people clout chasing and saying crazy things for click bate?

Yes, death is something guaranteed but what’s wrong with being empathetic towards public figures? ...Hell, anybody? Some things are better left unsaid! It is possible to touch people without "touching them", and you don’t have to know someone personally for that to happen. I encourage everyone to touch others with kindness, especially during this sensitive climate on social media. Did you guys hear the MSNBC anchor mix her words up and say " Nigger" when she mixed two words together? ....people jumped down her throat, blasted her on social media...just unforgiving but everyone is highly emotional right now. So, HOW DO WE HEAL FROM THIS ? Me, Lee Lee, I went to a friend's house so I can be around love, I took a social media break and I let it out - I cried! I especially Love how all of these tough, strong, athletic black men have ben expressing their emotions so publicly and freely! ITS OK TO CRY!!! This is a tragedy for all parties involved.

...I feel for Vanessa Bryant, because she lost her husband and a daughter. I remember when her and Kobe first got married. She has a seven month old baby and she still has to raise her surviving children. Kobe left behind 3 children and an empire. Could you imagine something like that happening??? The level of responsibility she must feel, technically those people boarded her and her husband's aircraft and it crashed. All the families effected.... I pray she isn't feeling responsible and no civil suits come from this but if she is feeling any type of heavy emotion thats to be expected. Reports say her eldest daughter was rushed to the hospital because she was so overwhelmed....I don’t even want to imagine what Kobe could have been feeling in the thick of this tragedy with his daughter and others.

Im closing this blog post with, Rest In Peace to Kobe, GiGi and everyone else aboard the helicopter!! Spread love give someone a hug...LIFE IS NOT PROMISED!!!

-Lee Lee

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