When Being Black Hollywood Goes Wrong

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"Between this pandemic, gun violence, police brutality, carjackings, fist fights, sex trafficking, scamming, drugs and unprotected sex; do I, even, want to be in Atlanta right now?"

I moved to Atl in 2004 and I would always hear "The Old Atlanta..." this and "The Old Atlanta..." that. When I first got here, it was the tail end of BMF and "Cruising" on Peachtree St. Clubs were connected to each other clustered down the strip. Souped up Chevys, cars with big rims bumping music and parking lot pimp'n; that was the only concern. People just wanted to get to Club Kaya or Cobalt Lounge (or one of those clubs) when the club let out and have a good time. "A" hats, oversized white T's and Air Force Ones was the drip. And don't forget, The 20 different club flyers on your window, street teams and email listings ...those were the days. lol

Video of Buckhead party scene in the 80's

White people monopolized the party scene in Buckhead (first), then the Hip Hop scene took over. Blacks use to "turn up" downtown until that got shutdown. Back in the day, being VIP and being a Celebrity/Athlete really meant something. 20 plus years ago, Atlanta had this wave of traffic money, opulence, and opportunity...a little different from the 96 Olympics wave. (ATL just did a huge street sweep to clean up Atl for the Olympics). The early 2000's wave hit different. Is time repeating itself?

Everything changed in 2000...Atlanta went from being able to having a 24 hour club to "Last Call For Alcohol," when Ray Lewis went through a double murder charge during the Super Bowl that year. (yes, even back then they wanted to make an example out of the rich black powerful athlete). Lewis took a lesser charge, testified against (Yes, Lewis snitched) his two friends and (luckily) Lewis' two friends got off on self defense. No one was held accountable for the fighting and stabbings (and the gun shots fired at Ray Lewis' limo) that left two young men dead so the city placed a curfew regulation on the Buckhead nightlife.

Now, lets talk BMF for a spell. Allegedly, there was a time when they would go out 22 days in a row, two or three clubs per night. When that stuff popped off with Riz and Wolf, early 2000's (I think 2003) the crime rates between 1999 and 2019 was .....

Violent Crimes:

a study of violent crimes in Atlanta from 1999 - 2019
Violent Crime Statistics in Atlanta

click to see full data

Motor Vehicle Theft:


...meaning, crime rates where high at that time (early 2000's)...Vibes! Is BMF responsible for everything? No. But this was the wave back then. Im sure the women looked good and the men had money to blow...and, even still, the HIV/Aids pandemic didn't change Atlanta. Look at this study in 2018. Its 2021....

A chart of HIV victims by race and ethnicity 2018 study
HIV Rate and Ration

The Atlanta Magazine gives a rundown of the Atlanta night life and one thing (besides so many other details) they point out is that the LGBTQ community always had a home here in Atlanta. And if there is a home for "The Girls" best believe scamming is alive. I am not trying to be insulting. Not every gay person is a scammer and their are straight people that commit fraud but every gay person knows a scammer. The conn games roll on. The new scammers in 2021 might be moving different but the game has never left - clearly.

...Atlanta, GA is still covered in racism. This video, down below, is of Hamilton Police Chief, Gene Allmond talking to deputy, John Brooks at a BLM rally in June of 2020 in Georgia. This might not be Atlanta, exactly, but just look at the Rayshard Brooks case...he still doesn't have justice...AND FUCK THAT WENDY'S! BLM! PERIOD!

The chief resigned and the deputy has been terminated

Atlanta is such a vibe, no wonder there's sexual tension thick in the air. All kinds of money, entertainment, violence, drugs and racial traumas flowing. Atlanta has its own sexual revolution to ease the pain and celebrate life. You can get anything you want in Atlanta and beautiful women are everywhere. What do you want - butt Shots in a hotel room, a beautiful tranny sexual experience, threesomes with your BF/GF, private orgies, strip clubs, swinger's club, sex, drugs and Rock & Roll? Wanna be a groupie? How about entrepreneurship? HBCU? What do you want? Its there. One word - FreakNik! People come to Atlanta to be turned out.

When people vacation in Atlanta or move to Atlanta, they want the fast life that comes with being a Georgia peach. Atlanta is a big money town, party city, with known government corruption - PERIOD!

Has Atlanta evolved in any way? Yes! Atlanta has exploded in the movies and television arena. Ted Turner always had his network in Atl but now we have a Tyler Perry studios as well. The government negotiated a movie tax credit so when major production is shot in Atlanta it's cheaper then shooting in NYC or Cali. The music scene is bigger then ever - NYC and Cali is following behind the Atlanta wave. Hannah Kang of MBP Events, at this point, has revolutionized the way parties/events are produced in Atlanta. (She's come a long way from her BMF parties that shook the city). Fashion and beauty, Atlanta is a leader in the urban fashion community. Drake says it best, "We in Atlanta, I buy her a wig, she telling me Tea is the best.." - no more oversized white T's for sure - I'll tell you that. And on top of all of this, Georgia is now a blue state.

The younger generation is here and (basically) recycling the same scenarios from 20 years ago. I don't know where this violent wave is coming from - like the early 2000's but there is definitely a wave today. Look at the rise in crime we are seeing right now. Look at this new pandemic that Atlanta is ignoring (Covid-19) right now (THE CDC IS IN ATL OFF BUFFORD HIGHWAY LOL). The scamming and the sex scene is still alive and well (T.I. and Tiny are innocent - that bitch Sabrina is crazy). Our black youth, in Atlanta, still have to deal with racist cops, hustling and crazy politicians (Gov. Kemp ain't shit).

Atlanta Water Boys

I mentioned a women named Hannah Kang. She's well connected, a real influencer behind the scenes, and she is always hired to produce events and parties for the Atlanta urban market (follow @mbpevents for more information). Atlanta's own Hannah Kang of MBP Events (affiliated with the BMF era) posted this, not too long ago, concerned about her safety and the well being of Atlanta:

Influencer Isaac Hayes, music vet Block ENT and more had a lot to say in the comments.

A couple of new girls influencing Atlanta's culture (today) meeting up to fist fight after beefing on Twitter all that day. I'm sure these two beautiful girls aren't over 25 years old. They have 2.5 MILLION followers (on social media) combined . The whole fight reminded me of high school...check the video below. The ghetto...lol smh

Kayla B and Cuban Doll Fight at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead Atlanta, GA

Follow the IG of @AtlScoop and they post Atlanta crimes in real time. This IG focuses on highlighting crimes in Atlanta that the local news might not cover.

I had an opportunity to communicate with the person who runs @AtlScoop and they had this to

say, "I am very anonymous, don't even want people to hear my voice. I get many death threats a day so have to protect myself. People are just so bold these days, its wild."


Luda and Tyrese got car jacked, just to name a few...its not even safe to leave your car running at the ATM. smh! Where is Luda - what area is so dangerous that he can't even leave his car running while he's getting his money...?

Mr. Isaac Hayes don’t like @atlscoop lol

Isaac Hayes' son and the Mayor of Atlanta
Isaac Hayes embraces Mayor Keishia Bottoms

Isaac Hayes with Mayor Keishia Bottoms

Isaac Hayes' son talks crime pandemic in Atlanta
Isaac Hayes' Instagram

Isaac Hayes has a huge following and influence in Atlanta. He's well connected in the music, club and political scene. Hayes has his very strong opinions and some might even accuse him of being a lobbyist for certain political groups. Now, let me be clear, I think he's on the right side of history and there's nothing wrong with being political. However, if I had to respond to his IG post above, this wave of crime is nothing new to Atlanta. Being in the middle of a pandemic doesn't influence Atlanta to change anything. Who's going to enforce a mask mandate? People in Atlanta hardly have safe sex during the current HIV/AIDS pandemic...ATL has two pandemics right now and still wont shut down. No wonder "out - of - towners" and people who aren't from Atlanta come here to commit crimes. Atl is a party town and a melting pot. These people come to Atlanta and they don't care, for real, because its not their hometown - people are trying to come up and hit a lick..IN ATLANTA! smh!

You can go to the clubs, right now, and they wont make you wear a mask inside (most clubs). Of course, All Star weekend is being hosted in Atlanta this year. People are traveling from all over to party in Atlanta - this is big business for the city of Atlanta. I heard Magic City is going to shut down for a few weeks to control the virus within their camp but thats just one club willing to take that leap...I know they'll be back open for All Star Weekend.

I don't know whats what; out - of - towners coming to Atlanta to party for a weekend just to go back home and spread Covid-19 to their families in their cities or that the out - of - towners make the Atlanta economy boom at the same time having no respect for the streets of Atlanta. We all know that the majority of people in Atlanta are not from Atlanta. A real Atlanta native is not on that B.S...the music scene, night life, and beauty industry in Atlanta was not suppose to turn ugly. WE ARE BLACK MAGIC ...Being this "Black Hollywood" is one of the main sources of income flowing through Atlanta. Atlanta isn't know for oil - ITS KNOWN FOR ASS! So, why are people coming to Atl and messing things up?

As long as I've been in Atlanta, I would have never thought they'd be putting metal detectors in Lenox Mall, or that a child could get hit with stray bullets in Buckhead, or leaving my car running for 5 min is dangerous. I was in my 20's, growing up (as a young adult), in Atlanta, on the scene and I have NEVER seen no shit like this.

Tune in to the next episode of 2 Chics Wit A Mic where I dive deeper into this topic. I, Nadia, have very strong opinions about Atlanta. I know a lot of people and I've seen a lot of things. To close this blog out, the best thing I can say now is, "STAY HOME. WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC! IF YO ASS WAS AT HOME, YOU WOULDN'T BE GETTING ROBBED! WHERE IS YOUR MASK AND STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE. THIS IS A TIME OF CELIBACY AND ZOOM CALLS...IF ITS NOT A BLM RALLY, YOU AIN'T GOT NO BUSINESS OUTSIDE....Happy Black History Month"

A strong picture of Protesting and riots in Atlanta
Atlanta Protest BLM

Photo by Ben Hendren/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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